Learn Oregon – An Online Training for the Trade

Congratulations to the 64 people around the world who completed the Learn Oregon Online Training in March 2020!

Name Title
Adam Milstead Wine Manager
Alec Merkt-Caprile Owner & Founder
Allan Plumley Business Development
Amanda Smith FOH Manager / Sommelier
Amy Roslevege Wine Sales Associate
Andrew Melton Wine Associate
Ariella Kellett Wine Associate
Ashley Kent
Benjamin Kordon Owner
Brianna Caron Marketing & Hospitality Manager
Bridget Carpenter Planning & Replenishment, Sr. Specialist
Clark Phinney Director of Beverage Services
Dan Dawson Winegrower/Winemaker/Wine Educator
Dann Lewis Partner
Dave Nershi Publisher
Doug Georgi Wine Manager
Dylan Smith Assistant Manager
Ekaterina Spector Sommelier
Elena Parkhimovich Educator
Evan White Lead Sommelier
Glenda Wentz Mainstream Spirit Professional
Heidi Lyman Outstate Fine Wine Manager
J.R. Gilpin Wine Supervisor
Jeff Rittschof Wine Professional
Jeffrey Herbele Assistant Manager
J’Nee DeLancey Wine Department Manager
Joanne Coursey Owner
John Coco Territory Manager- Maryland
Jonathan Margulies
Julee Sawyer
Wine Geek
Wine Manager
Kate Mcguire Regional Sales Manager
Kathy Atkinson Wine Supervisor
Kathy Hatfield Service Team Member
Katie Sadler Brand Manager
Kim Kunchick Wine Educator
Kirsten Lindsay Wine Manager
Kiyoka Oyabu Sales
Krista Harker Tasting Room Manager
Kyle Brooks Wine Supervisor
Laurie Garner Wine Account Manager
Lissell Currie Supplier Liason
Lynn Helmel Beverage Director
Margo Keogh Wine Associate
Margot Navarre Wine Associate
Mattias Dahl Beverage Manager
Miranda Richardson Tasting Room Attendant
Nathaniel French Wine Manager
Nikolaos Bimplis Head Waiter
Pawel Kulon Lecturer
Peter Barceloux Manager
Ricardo Zarate Jr Food & Beverage Manager
Richard Coursey Owner
Rodney Knicely Director of Food & Beverage
Sara Johnson Visitor Center Host
Sarah Heath Programming Director
Seth Lubin Owner
Stephanie Gadsby Business Manager
Stephanie Wills Floor Sommelier
Sue Schaefer Wine Associate
Susan Nordberg Distributor Sales Representative
Teresa Manalakos Wine Manager
Weyler Lima Student
William Farmer
Zach Ferguson Account Manager

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