Learn Oregon – An Online Training for the Trade

Are you ready to take your Oregon wine knowledge to the next level?

Oregon has 21 AVAs, 72+ planted varieties and some of the strictest labeling regulations in the country. Keeping current on our quickly evolving and growing industry can be a challenge.

The Learn Oregon Online Training is a 4-week curriculum developed by Bree Stock MW using the most up-to-date and comprehensive information only the Oregon Wine Board can provide delivered to you via email.

If you have an Oregon wine section in your portfolio, wine list or store, this class is for you.



Week 1 : Oregon Wine 101
Week 2: Environmental Stewardship
Week 3: Labeling Regulations
Week 4: Selling Oregon Wine


Congratulations to everyone who completed the Learn Oregon training in March 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

The curriculum has been designed specifically with members of the trade in mind including employees of restaurants, retailers, distributors and the media.

Yes! We’d love to have you. Please note the curriculum is designed specifically for those selling Oregon wine for a distributor, restaurant or retailer, however, there will be plenty of information relevant to anyone interested in Oregon wine.